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Knitting Needle / Crochet Hook Case

I recently started knitting myself a jumper, which meant that I needed to go through my knitting needles and sort them out. Whilst sorting them out I wanted to find myself a case to keep them safe, so searched multiple different places to find one…with no luck. So I went about making one that would suit my purpose. It took me three goes to come up with the final design.

The first design, fit the knitting needles in fine, but it was wonky and the pockets were to small, though I was able to have a good play with the first custom carved stamps that I made.

The second design, I managed to get the pockets how I wanted them but the final finish was not what I was wanting. It was a little wonky and needed to have a more professional finish.

Both these two designs are being used to store my crochet hooks and knitting needles in respectively.

The third and final design is just how I want it. Not only has it got lovely pockets, the knitting needles fit perfectly and snuggle into the pockets nicely. Its a little tight for the crochet hooks I use but would be fine for simple metal ones. I used fabric that already was printed with origami birds and used that as the inspiration to make my own stamp for the rest of the case

The zipped pocket is fully lined and has added stabilisation for durability. The popper pocket will have clear mat poppers so they don’t distract from the lovely red fabric stamped with bronze origami birds. The pocket under the zipper and popper pocket can store any paperwork or long items and is also stabilised to give the case further structure.

The lining of the case is a lovely pale blue with contrasting origami birds stamped by hand.

Whilst the cover is hand stamped in midnight blue, red and pale blue on my signature cotton. It is then quilted and stabilisation added to give the whole case more structure and durability. The whole case is hand bound with binding to finish it off!

Hope you like the case, and this particular case will be available to purchase from the shop soon.

If you wish to have a custom made case then please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Website or our Facebook page.

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