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New product production – Hand stamped Fabric

We recently were requested to product some fabric for a client. It has been a great experience and has allowed us to include it in our line of products.

To start with we discussed with the client what style of fabric they would like. They decided on a woodland theme and settled in the pair of deers, rabbit, hedgehog and squirrel stamps.

Once this had been decided we got to the task of pattern placement which we then sent to the client for confirmation.

Test Print

Once the pattern was confirmed we started the process of printing the fabric. It took us two evenings to print the full pattern in the colours chosen by the client.

Once all printed and dried overnight the fabric was ironed to heat set the paint. We always recommend this be done on receival of the fabric as well.

This has been a great experience in printing large volumes of fabric, we are sure that you want to see the final result….and here it is!

We are chuffed at how the printed fabric has come out and that the client is happy with the result.

If you were wanting your own custom printed cotton fabric then don’t hesitate to contact us or have a look at our listing for the fabric in our shop.

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Knitting Needle / Crochet Hook Case

I recently started knitting myself a jumper, which meant that I needed to go through my knitting needles and sort them out. Whilst sorting them out I wanted to find myself a case to keep them safe, so searched multiple different places to find one…with no luck. So I went about making one that would suit my purpose. It took me three goes to come up with the final design.

The first design, fit the knitting needles in fine, but it was wonky and the pockets were to small, though I was able to have a good play with the first custom carved stamps that I made.

The second design, I managed to get the pockets how I wanted them but the final finish was not what I was wanting. It was a little wonky and needed to have a more professional finish.

Both these two designs are being used to store my crochet hooks and knitting needles in respectively.

The third and final design is just how I want it. Not only has it got lovely pockets, the knitting needles fit perfectly and snuggle into the pockets nicely. Its a little tight for the crochet hooks I use but would be fine for simple metal ones. I used fabric that already was printed with origami birds and used that as the inspiration to make my own stamp for the rest of the case

The zipped pocket is fully lined and has added stabilisation for durability. The popper pocket will have clear mat poppers so they don’t distract from the lovely red fabric stamped with bronze origami birds. The pocket under the zipper and popper pocket can store any paperwork or long items and is also stabilised to give the case further structure.

The lining of the case is a lovely pale blue with contrasting origami birds stamped by hand.

Whilst the cover is hand stamped in midnight blue, red and pale blue on my signature cotton. It is then quilted and stabilisation added to give the whole case more structure and durability. The whole case is hand bound with binding to finish it off!

Hope you like the case, and this particular case will be available to purchase from the shop soon.

If you wish to have a custom made case then please don’t hesitate to contact us through the Website or our Facebook page.

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Dinosaur Bunting

This is the current Dinosaur bunting that we have produced to date if you would like to see more then head over to the bunting gallery or to the shop to order your own!

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Snowflake Bunting Gallery

These are the current selection of custom coloured snowflake bunting that we have produced so far, head over the the gallery to see more designs or to the shop to order your own.

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The New Product Range

Following my New Directions Post a week ago. I have decided to reveal some of the new bunting that is now available in the shop.

We started with only 13 colours available for the customisation of the bunting, but we are now up to over 20 colours, with more coming on the way. Once the new colours arrive, I shall post up a new post on the N3rdy Kni7s Facebook page.

Our current designs include Dinosaurs which can be glow in the dark or non glow in the dark

Unicorns which can be glow in the dark or non glow in the dark

Fairies which can be glow in the dark or non glow in the dark

As well as Snowflakes in our Winter bunting section

And Stars, which are also in our Winter bunting section.

All these can be made in colours to suit your own needs.

Stay tuned to see some in progress shots of this bunting in further posts and also the new designs coming in the next few weeks.

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Change in Direction

N3rdy Kni7s was started because I wanted to make toys that I knew were safe and made from a natural material.

Unfortunately due to the circumstances with regulations changing in January when we leave the EU. It is going to become unfeasible to carry on in this endeavor for the foreseeable future. So keep an eye out for a sale in the next couple of days on toys that we have ready to dispatch!

Our New Direction…..

As you may have noticed we have a new product range in stock….Bunting.

This bunting side project started as a request by a dear friend (she knows who she is).

We wanted to tell you a little about our bunting as this is the direction we shall be going in for the moment…there is also something interesting going on in the background but we can’t reveal it at the moment.

All bunting is made on unbleached cotton from sustainable sources. This fabric is then hand stamped using block stamps in colours of your choice. We started with a range of 13 colours and has now expanded to 25 different colours.

We are slowly designing different patterns to choose from, and hope that by the end of this year we will have a selection of seasonal bunting which can be reused yearly. We will also have exclusive bunting which will be done on limited runs so get in there quick if it is something you are interested in.

Currently we are offering one size in bunting, but are looking to expand that selection depending on demand.

So this is just a little update of what is happening behind the scenes!

Thank you for reading and supporting, it means the world to us!

N3rdy Kni7s

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Woof woof….Fluffy Dog

The past 4 weeks have been spent making a custom dog decoration! I followed a pattern (link at the end of the post), but made a few modifications including making toe beans and increasing the leg length to make him a little taller.

The pillow he sits on is handstamped using an indian block stamping technique

The basic skeleton didn’t take too long…but the fluff after took a while. Each thread is stranded through separately.

The colouring is made specific to the clients own dog colours.

Finally completed after 50 hours and 4 weeks of production!

Pattern for the crochet puppy dog

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Ecmo the little Pocket Bat

Introducing Ecmo, the little pocket bat. A little pal to keep you company even in the most scary of situations.

Ecmo has a soft spot in our heart and this is why…

When our daughter was in PICU she ended up on Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). For nearly two weeks due to her lungs not being able to provide her with the oxygen she needed she was on this machine. During this time she had with her a little bat toy called Echo which helped the nurses to hold up the wires and tubes that were keeping her alive. The little bat toy with her during this time was nicknamed Ecmo rather than called by the name given to him.

The nurses, physiotherapists and doctors at Evelina saved her life and we will always be grateful for all the hard work and round the clock care that she received.

This is why we have decided that from every sale of little Ecmo, £2.50 will be donated to the Evelina Children’s Hospital.

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Fierce Little Dragons

The trio of Fierce Little Dragons have now had their photoshoot. They had a blast with all the gold in their little cavern.

They are now ready to sacrifice themselves to the Gods of Fire and Tension….for the greater good!

Once the sacrifices have been complete they shall be ready to come forth into the world for all to enjoy.

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A Unique Christmas…

Announcing the arrival of the custom made subtle nerdy Christmas decorations!

These double sided decorations are handprinted with custom stamps in either red or green. They have stamped handmade button in the centre of the decoration. They are perfect for the subtle geeky addition to any Christmas tree.

Also looking at the possibility of adding some sparkle to the decorations at a later date.

  • Christmas Decoration Rocket Green