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New product production – Hand stamped Fabric

We recently were requested to product some fabric for a client. It has been a great experience and has allowed us to include it in our line of products.

To start with we discussed with the client what style of fabric they would like. They decided on a woodland theme and settled in the pair of deers, rabbit, hedgehog and squirrel stamps.

Once this had been decided we got to the task of pattern placement which we then sent to the client for confirmation.

Test Print

Once the pattern was confirmed we started the process of printing the fabric. It took us two evenings to print the full pattern in the colours chosen by the client.

Once all printed and dried overnight the fabric was ironed to heat set the paint. We always recommend this be done on receival of the fabric as well.

This has been a great experience in printing large volumes of fabric, we are sure that you want to see the final result….and here it is!

We are chuffed at how the printed fabric has come out and that the client is happy with the result.

If you were wanting your own custom printed cotton fabric then don’t hesitate to contact us or have a look at our listing for the fabric in our shop.